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Accessories Designed to enhance your installation

The accessories available for the mila-wall systems are all designed and built with the same focus on quality and ease of use.

The final pieces to complete the Mila-Wall® System.

Adjusting Disc:

mila-wall® panels come with two adjustable feet. The adjusting disk quickly moves the foot to the correct height.


Quickly attaches into the top aluminum channel. Both sides of the panel can be lit at once. Available in halogen and energy efficient LED.

Conduit panels:

Pathway and box installed inside the panel provides cable management, allowing wiring to be concealed.


Can be attached to the panel fascias. In addition, built in cases and shadowboxes are available from our custom shop.

Lever Roller:

Allows for quick assembly and dismantle of mila-wall®. Simply lift the panel slighly, move into place, lower and you’re done.

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Quick & Easy, Efficient and Durable

Mila-Wall by MBA

Setting the standard for design, features and sustainability

  • Ready Made Wall Configurations
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Connects invisibly
  • Adustable for uneven flooring up to 60mm
  • Corner and Angled Profiles
  • Total Design Freedom
  • Create any Design Shapes
  • Stack up to 6 meters