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Introducing Mila Wall’s Module Kits for your next installation

It has never been this easy or affordable to configure, set up, stage and take down your next complete gallery installation or trade show exhibit.
With no compromise of quality or aesthetic appeal.

• Beautiful
• Durable
• Affordable
• Infinitely Configurable

We proudly stand behind the finest products and artwork in the world. Let us show you why MBA’s Mila Wall is the industry standard.


Whether used in museums, art galleries, trade shows or events, our state-of-the-art, modular wall systems create a stage for whatever you want to show and share! The wall surfaces are uniquely configurable and designed to hide connected technologies and accessories in order to create the perfect unobtrusive canvas.

Easy to Order

Our sustainably produced, high-quality and incredibly durable products perfectly combine form and function.

Simple to Assemble

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of modular construction technology. With our innovative approach, assembling finished wall modules is a breeze. Just lift the wall module using the lever roller, seamlessly slide it into the tongue/groove of the adjoining module, and effortlessly lower it into place. In no time, your project will be complete, ready for everyone to enjoy the stunning results.

Effortless to Reconfigure

Whether reconfiguring a panel or two to changing out a 100-panel exhibit MBA’s modular wall systems make it a simple and straightforward process. In fact the panels come down faster than they go up!  If you need flexibility, limitless configurations and unmatched ease of use, the MBA Mila-Wall® is your answer.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; that’s because the Romans didn’t have Mila-Wall®!

Watch as MBA Walls come to life in the video below

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