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Mila-Wall® 12 Module Kit

12 Panel Movable Wall Systems

The possible configurations are virtually limitless

Reassemble anywhere, anytime you want. Imagine a system that allows you to optimize your own floor plans, maximize the use of your space however you would like and then having the ability to execute your own assemblies. Imagine not needing to rely on building contractors, building permits, specialized tools. A modular, de-mountable, paintable and yes, even nail-able solution, for your event space requirements.

12 x Mila-wall® Wall Modules Series 100
1 meter wide x 2.5 meter tall · 40 mm thick · paintable & nailable · Aluminum frame · Class A Fire Rated Bright White Permanent Fascias

12 x Mila-wall® Removable Surface Coverings
Class A Fire Rated Bright White Mila-fix 12.180

Painting and Surface Covering Accessories
Adhesive dots (100) · 1 roll pre-primed seam tape

Mila-wall® Profiles Series 100
powder coated RAL 9016 · Bright White
Surface covering
matching overlaminate · Mila-fix 12.180  · Bright White
4 x Corner Profiles   
40 x 40 · 1 x 90º · H = 2.5 meters
4 x End Covers 
H = 2.5 meters

9 x Mila-wall® Tongue Profiles Series 100
H = 2.5 meter

18 x Mila-wall® Connectors Series 100
a) 9 Top Connectors
b) 9 Bottom Connectors

2 x Mila-wall® Perpendicular Clamps Series 100
2 sets

Mila-wall® Tools and Accessories
48 x End cover clips
1 x Lever Roller
1 x Tool Kit
1 x Foot Adjusting Disc

1 x Installation Instructions
1 x Mila-wall® Wooden Transportation Crate (one way)

Seeing is Believing

8 Panel Installation Demonstration

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Quick & Easy, Efficient and Durable

Get the Perfect Mila-Wall Set Up

Setting the standard for design, features and sustainability

  • Ready Made Wall Configurations
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Connects invisibly
  • Adustable for uneven flooring up to 60mm
  • Corner and Angled Profiles
  • Total Design Freedom
  • Create any Design Shapes
  • Stack up to 6 meters