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    Mila-Wall® by MBA
    MBA has set the standard for quality when it comes to demountable wall solutions for galleries and museums.
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    Why choose Mila-Wall®?
    Unlimited Possibilities
    Create the Space you Need With Unlimited Possibilities.

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The pure wall: A product for long-term use, constructed of repairable, recyclable materials. mila-wall‘s® honeycomb interior makes the individual wall modules lightweight so that two people can easily manage individual wall modules. The aluminum frame (mila-wall® series 100) protects the module edge and provides additional strength. This guarantees an extremely long lifetime and reuseability of the walls. MBA owns the patents and trade marks for mila-wall® in Europe, North and South America, Japan and China.

modular wallsMila-wall®, the repairable long term product. More air than wall, Mila-wall® wall modules are so light they can be erected easily in any size by two people. The aluminum frame of Mila-wall® 100 series stabilizes the wall and protects the edges from damage – guaranteeing durability and reusability. If particularly heavy exhibits are to be fixed on the walls, modules with solid wood blocking are available.

scenario systemsSCENARIO® consists of wall modules which are assembled fast and easy with peg connectors. According to your needs it can be complemented with tables, showcases, doors, lighting and a full range of other accessories.

Vertical profiles allow for any angles between the single modules.

self-adhesive surface coveringsMBA Surface Covering is a flexible and durable interior design solution for retail interiors, renovations, building remodeling, commercial and office space, tradeshow applications, institutions, signage and more.

MBA Surface Coverings (foils) are produced in over 170 styles, textures and colors including primary colors, structured patterns, wood grains, standard and designer metallics, textiles and more.